The AHIMA Foundation wants to hear from YOU! As we develop new programs with a focus on public health, greater access, health equity, and consumer empowerment, we want to hear stories about how health information has made a difference in your life. Please send your story to

Stories shared during AHIMA20 Virtual Conference:

"After my father's passing, I recognized how health information could have helped if we'd known his medical situation sooner. I understand the importance of advocacy and education for families."
--Leak R. Beck, RHIA, AHIMA20

"I don't get to see patients in person, but I hear their stories through their medical records, through their health information. From there, I can give them a voice. I can be an advocate."
--Danette Hollinger, CCS-P, AHIMA20

-"I had to cart around all my medical records when visiting a new provider. I wasn't confident they would have my records. Interoperability is necessary."
-Kim, AHIMA20

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