Health Literacy for Health Equity Initiative

Research shows that low health literacy is correlated with increased emergency room visits and hospital stays, and higher mortality rates. These issues most adversely impact underserved communities, revealing low health literacy as a contributor to health inequities in America.  

The AHIMA Foundation’s Health Literacy for Health Equity initiative represents a deep commitment to unlocking the potential of health information for a more equitable healthcare ecosystem.

Through a consumer-focused campaign, Better Health Is In Your Hands, we’ve developed tools and resources focused on transforming the search for answers and the power of data into knowledge that empowers people to take control of their health.  

Together with the Health Information community, providers, advocacy organizations and community partners, we are connecting people with their health information, empowering them to understand it, and inspiring them to make informed decisions that can lead to better health outcomes.  

At the AHIMA Foundation, we believe in a future where health information serves people, where better health outcomes are powered by health information for all, and where health information is human information.  

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