History & Mission

History & Mission

The AHIMA Foundation is dedicated to an awareness of the needs of public health, recognizing that health information is human information.

The AHIMA Foundation Mission

We envision a future where health information serves people. A future where better health outcomes are powered by health information for all.

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Our History

Founded in 1962 and established as a nonprofit in 1997, the AHIMA Foundation has served as AHIMA’s charitable entity, supporting education, research, and scholarships.

Today, seismic changes in the healthcare industry — technology advances, consumerism, and a renewed focus on information access and sharing — have all amplified the urgency for the Foundation to reimagine its role within AHIMA and the broader healthcare industry.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation recognizes an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate the impact of health information on the lives of consumers in managing their health and wellness.

We are passionate about empowering consumers and communities to be engaged and activated participants in their everyday health and wellness journey, using trusted health information from traditional and emerging sources

Today's Vision

The AHIMA Foundation believes that health information is a force for the greater good – with the consumer at the heart of our work and partnerships.

With the Health Literacy for Health Equity initiative, we offer an interactive path forward to increasing health literacy and empowering every person with the tools and resources to manage their health.

Our community programs are designed to align and empower consumers, advocates, and change makers to transforming the search for answers and the power of data into knowledge, confidence, and better health outcomes.