You can make a gift or pledge in the following ways:

Donate Online

Make a donation now using our online donation form.

By Check

Send your check to:
The AHIMA Foundation
233 N. Michigan Ave, 21st Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60601-5809

Recurring Gifts

Recurring gifts provide the AHIMA Foundation with sustainable funds to fullfill its mission. When making an online donation, simply click on the box next to "Make this a recurring gift"

Those interested in making a recurring gift can also call (312) 233-1131, and we can help you set up a recurring donation by credit card.

Donation with AHIMA Membership

Please add a donation to your AHIMA membership when you join or renew your membership.

AHIMA Store: Round-up with Purchase

When purchasing a product from the AHIMA Store, please donate to the Foundation by round-up the cost at the checkout.

Gifts of Stock and Securities

Gifts of appreciated stock provide a convenient way to contribute to the AHIMA Foundation. There are financial benefits for donors through tax deductions for the full fair market value of contributed stock, as well as the ability to minimize taxes on capital gains. For more information about this type of giving, contact us at (312) 233-1131 or email.

Gifts of Appreciated Property and other Gifts-in-Kind

Gifts of appreciated property and collections offer another option for donors to support the AHIMA Foundation, in addition to certain tax benefits. To discuss the Foundation’s Gift Policy and the ways in which your donated assets can support the HIM field, please contact us at (312) 233-1131 or email.

Planned Gifts

Bequesting a gift to the AHIMA Foundation secures your legacy in the Foundation’s future. Planned gifts offer benefits through tax deductions and/or the reduction of estate taxes. You may elect to bequeath a percentage of your estate or a specific cash amount. Please contact us at (312) 233-1131 or email.

Corporate Giving

Partnering with the AHIMA Foundation creates opportunities to develop consumer preference, increase brand recognition, improve positioning, and encourage employee engagement and team building. Learn more about the AHIMA Foundation’s coporate partnership opportunities