Assisting Health Information Professionals

The AHIMA Foundation's HiRO Fund was created to assist health information professionals affected by natural disasters, including those related to forest fires and hurricanes. As a result of the global pandemic, the HiRO Fund now offers financial support to health information unemployed as a result of COVID-19.

Financial assistance as a result of natural disasters or unemployment related to COVID-19 

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for financial assistance, up to $500, from the HIRO Fund:

  • Applicants must live and/or work in a county that has been declared a FEMA-designated disaster area within the past twelve (12) months.
  • Applicants must be AHIMA members in good standing before the date on which the county was declared a FEMA disaster area
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need due to a natural disaster or financial need due to employment as a result of COVID-19.

Eligible applicants may apply for financial assistance by completing and submitting the HIRO Fund Application.

Upon verification by the AHIMA Foundation and the applicant's Component State Association, financial assistance will be distributed to applicants as available and in as timely a manner as possible.